Project 52:9

April 26, 2012



Project 52:8

March 3, 2012


I’ve been in love with Instagram lately.  It has really come in handy when those moments happen that I have to capture and the only thing I can grab quick enough is my phone (moms, you all know what I’m talking about).  This happened the other night, right in the middle of dinner.  I cannot […]

Project 52:7

February 24, 2012


Oh this girl.  She is getting so big.  I hate it. I want her to stay this little.  But, I love to watch her learn and grow.  She is developing quite the personality, loves to hear herself talk.  I am constantly being stopped in the store by people who want to peek at her because […]

Project 52:6

February 24, 2012


I cannot explain how close they are.  They wrestle, they joke, they go scout in the woods – you know, boy things.  Little boys and their loving dads, my heart melts. For more Project 52, check these out: styleberry BLOG | Lucas and Mahina

Project 52:5

February 5, 2012


When all the toys get dumped on the floor, it’s not a mess, Jax is just taking inventory.  But, oh don’t ask him to clean up, you’ll just run out of breath.  Although, in our new house, we have a designated playroom.  I think I am most excited about this.  A room specifically for playing, […]

Project 52:4

January 27, 2012


We go to the park almost every afternoon.  Jax, of course, doesn’t stop until it’s time to leave. “A few more minutes mom,” he says when it’s time to go home.  It usually ends up a few few few more minutes.  I play with him the best I can while keeping an eye on FJ […]

Project 52:3

January 22, 2012


FJ was in the play pen while I was folding laundry.  Jax says, “Mom, get her outta there.”  So this is where they kept each other company, on the floor in their pj’s.  Big bro and little sis just hanging out.  I love them. For more Project 52, check these out: styleberry BLOG | Lucas and Mahina