One Year

Posted on February 2, 2016






We have been in Australia for one year. It’s been quite an adventure. It is very true when military families say home is where you make it. This is our home right now. Our daily routines are very much the same, but I’m constantly reminding myself we live in AUSTRALIA. This is still very weird to think. I am one lucky gal.


Sydney Opera House from Dawes Point.

This past year has been a year of learning. My husband and I have had to learn how to lean on each other, like never before. Here, it’s just us. Figuring things out in a different country brings a whole new level of fun to the relationship! I have seen more of my husband in this one year than I have in our whole almost 14 year relationship (no joking here). Now THIS has taken some getting used to. 😉 I really do enjoy having him around. I’ll admit I’ve been spoiled.

We are the American family that drives the left hand drive car (you really have no idea how many inquiries we receive daily about our American-made car).

“Oh your accent is not from here! Where in the states are you from, California or New York?”

“No, we are from Georgia.”

“Oh……where is that?!”


Kangaroo in Hunter Valley.


We became a family of 5! Our little Aussie baby is such a joy and we love her so much. She loves her big brother and sister more than anything. They are the best at making her belly laugh!

Filling out papers for her passport and to report her birth abroad was new and different. She received a little American flag when we finished the papers at the US consulate. I cannot wait to get her passport back. Her tiny photo is the best ever!


It wouldn’t be right not to admit there are hard days, lonely days. It’s not easy coming to a place where you know nobody and have no one to show you the ropes. We’ve made a few friends and are overall enjoying our time here. We know this adventure isn’t forever. But man, we miss our family and friends so much. It brings tears to our eyes thinking about it. We are missing weddings and visits and having your family see your new baby. But I’ll remind you, as we often remind ourselves, this is only temporary. We are looking forward to see what 2016 will bring. In the meantime, remember there is a family in Oz that thinks about you all and misses you very much!


Much love,

The Barnett Family



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