Finding Our Bearings

Posted on January 30, 2015


We’ve found a car and a house, and are starting to feel our way around our neighborhood. We have a roof over our heads, but inside it’s the bare minimum: air mattresses, towels, plastic ware and paper plates. One of the top priorities was a coffee maker. Too bad we can’t walk across the street every morning for our daily flat white caffeine fix since we left our hotel in the middle of the city. The kids are happy to have room to run around. I’m happy to have more than one bathroom and other rooms I can retreat to when mama needs a minute to herself. The pool in our backyard is definitely icing on top of the cake.

IMG_5357         IMG_5384

We’ve laughed about quite a few things. While waiting for our cable to be hooked up, the ONLY channel we get with the local networks is Sydney’s PBS. The kiddos have enjoyed quite the selection of programming like Coffee Talk and the Opera. Their favorite activity (besides wrestling each other) is drawing and coloring on the few boxes we have from things we’ve bought. We are definitely cultivating our creativity! Doing things around the house, we’ve come across a few new critters, namely spiders. Aware of the lineup of poisonous spiders, hubs and I will immediately kill anything with 8 legs, no questions asked. Needless to say we need to buy a pocket guide to become familiar (at least for the sake of not using 1 can of bug spray per spider). We will probably just keep killing every bug we come across though. I will say, the giant palmetto bugs have made us feel at home, just the same as they are in Savannah. Them, I don’t mind so much.

Things are slowly coming together. Slowly. It is so hard to get established in a place we’ve never been and know nothing about. Many hours of research and phone calls to price compare this and that have been made. Don’t get us started on the price difference of everything! Things will come together. We are really looking forward to the next couple of years and really hope it won’t involve air mattresses for such long periods of time. 🙂


The playground we found a short walk from our house.

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