The Barnetts Go Down Under

Posted on January 14, 2015


IMG_5233 We are on an incredible adventure and we have arrived! Well, not to our final destination, but at least in country. In the past 5 days, we have traveled over 14,500 miles. We. Are. Tired. But first, I cannot explain what great little travelers our kiddos are. Of course they had their moments, but that is to be expected. Our favorite moments (and I say that with complete sarcasm): FJ likes to scream ‘I can’t walk!’ until I agree to carry her. Like, scream bloody murder and won’t stop until I comply. She is really good about hanging in there through the whole flight, then deciding to sleep and hour before we have to land, then we have to wake the little sleeping dragon. Jax likes to tell us every 5 minutes how far we have gone and how far we have yet to go. Thanks honey, we know we have over 10 hours left on the airplane. Despite these moments, they’ve been so good. And so flexible.IMG_5296

A definite highlight of our trip so far has been our stop in Hawaii. We’ve never been and it was such a treat to get to go there, and a great break from traveling. We wished we had more time there to explore. Hopefully we get to go back someday. We relaxed at the pool and on the beach, explored one of the Army bases while dad had to get some work done, and went on a little scenic drive on the last day. IMG_5253IMG_5242

We love getting in the car and not knowing where we are going. We pulled over on one of the scenic overlooks on our drive and were stopped momentarily while a scene for Hawaii Five-0 was filmed. Then, we came upon another scenic overlook called Nu’uanu Pali Overlook. It looked across the east side of the island, across Kailua. It was beautiful! We were glad for the break from traveling, but ready to get to Australia.IMG_5267

We drew the short straw and had to take a flight from Hawaii, back to LAX, then LAX to Sydney. Don’t ask. It sucked. But we are here now, safe and sound. We have a lot on our to do list over the next few days, but are glad to be at the end of such a long journey. It is really hard to explain to a 6 and 3 year old, when we wake up before 5am and nothing is open so we can eat, we have to wait until an acceptable time to find some food. First on our list is finding a grocery store! We have documented a lot during our trip and will soon post an abundance of pictures and video. The hubs is putting that new GoPro to good use!

It has been a lot to take in. How far we’ve come, the things we have seen, the exhaustion we feel. But, sitting here in our hotel room, living out of suitcases (2 of which we are waiting for to be delivered to us), listening to the kids whine and then laugh and then whine and then laugh again, it is indescribable how grateful I feel that we were chosen for this. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, and now we get to live here for 2 years. IMG_5304


xoxo, Kate

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