Project 52: The Beginning

Posted on January 2, 2012


I’m sure some of you have heard of Project 52 before.  A couple of blogs I follow have done the project.  I really love the idea behind it and the finished product, so I decided to do one myself in 2012.  The theme can be anything: personal challenges or stories.  One of my favorites can be seen here  (2011 Project 52, she is starting a new project for 2012).

I love the idea of pursuing this for my 2 babes, so I have decided my theme will be siblings.  My youngest is almost 4 months, so I am pretty new at the idea of siblings.  We have only encountered the tip of the iceberg with Jax and FJ interacting and there is much more to come.  I love watching them connect with each other and want to capture every precious moment.  I also love the idea of an entry every week, and this will definitely help keep me in the photo-loop.  I unfortunately have other things to do besides taking pictures all day [sigh].

So, here is a litle sneaky-peeky of the cuteness to come…  Look for my first entry on Friday!