9 weeks

Posted on November 14, 2011


Here I am!  I know i’ve been neglectful, but I have good reason.  We are now a family of 4.  It’s been quite a ride so a few things have gone on the back burner.  Lots of things are new and different.  Mama has had to adjust, including learning new forms of patience.  And especially Jax, he has had his world turned upside down, but has done so well with the huge change from only child to big brother.

On September 9, we welcomed Fallon James.  Our little girl.  The husband and I still cannot believe we have a daughter.  She was a big surprise.  Honestly I thought I was having another boy!  She has made quite the impression on everyone…

I went in for my 38 week checkup.  That day I saw a midwife and not my doctor.  She checked me and I was 3cm, 80%.  She said I was in early labor.  Her opinion, we were going to have a baby that weekend.  We are a bit of a drive to the hospital from our house, and for the sake of making sure a 3 year old was taken care of, we made the decision to be admitted to the hospital.  I went in at noon, got checked out and it started from there.  My doctor was not on call, but the midwives were there from the practice.  I have no problem with this.  And let me tell you, I love my doctor, but I think I love that midwife more.  I expressed my want for a natural childbirth and she was on the same page as me from the get-go.  I was to get out of bed, get moving.  Happy mama, happy baby.  Thank goodness!  With Jax I sat in bed for hours and it was agonizing!  So, off we went, the hubs and I circled Labor and Delivery countless times.  And don’t let me forget my little “exercise routine.”  The husband is military, he wanted this baby out (so did I) so that was his mission: walk half a lap, do some squats, another half a lap, do lunges (for those of you who know the husband, that’s pretty much expected).  Midwife was laughing up a storm at our little routine we had going.  My youngest sister came to keep us company and walk with me too.  And this is how it was for about 2 hours.  I will tell you, baby girl was perfectly content, no change, no dilation.  A side note, I have a really high pain tolerance and before my water breaks, I do not feel contractions at all.  By about 3pm  I made the decision for the midwife to break my water.  Done. More laps.  More squats.  More lunges.  I was checked again at about 5pm, 4cm.  Are you kidding me!!!!???  More walking.  Another hour passed and I still had not made any progress.  I was really against having any drugs but after discussing our options with the midwife, I opted to have the slightest but of Pitocin to help things along.  I was not at all happy with this, but I do understand that I would have been there for days at the rate I was going.  At 7:55pm I was given a tiny dose of Pitocin, and let me tell you, all that time, even after my water was broken, my contractions weren’t nothin’, but, after Pitocin, oh man.  Contractions hit me like a truck.  About an hour passed and the baby’s heart rate dropped dangerously low.  So low, the nurse rushed in from the hall and made me get in the bed.  I was sitting in the rocker 3 feet away and you would have thought she asked me to cross the Grand Canyon.  After seeing the look on her face, I knew she wasn’t messing around.  I hobbled to the bed and more nurses and my midwife rushed in.  In short, I dialated from 4cm to 10 in less than an hour, this stressed the baby.  I was ready to push the second I got on the bed.  After a slight scare and some stress, I pushed for about 5 minutes and Fallon was born at 9:16pm.  Our teeny peanut was only 5 lb. 10 oz.  She made quite the entrance and an impression on everyone.  She’s tiny, she’s sweet, she’s feisty.  Yes, my 9 week old daughter is feisty, this I am certain.

Now we are a family of 4.  We are getting into a routine and getting to know the youngest member of our family.  She is starting to get a personality and talking and interacting with us.  Even though we are lacking in sleep, smell like sour milk and juggling the needs of 2 little ones, when I see Jax walk over and smile and talk (and don’t forget the occasional eye poke) with his little sister, all is right in the world and my heart overflows with happiness.