Savor the Moment

Posted on August 5, 2011


We are almost there, a few more weeks until baby #2 arrives.  The thing is, we haven’t really thought about baby things.  We mostly need to get things out of storage, put things together, do laundry, and most important agree on a little boy’s name.  No we do not know the sex, and the husband and I cannot agree on a name.  Our general outlook, oh, there’s plenty of time!

I have a few projects lined up, like the Boppy pillow cover.  I found this amazing vintage inspired fabric that I love.  I think it’s perfect for a boy or a girl (yes I think little girl’s can wear blue!).  I still have some left over and I think it would make a very cute little dress, if Bean is a girl.  I’m trying to keep up with my scrapbook.  I’ve done pretty good so far, taking pictures of my growing belly along the way and writing down memories and feelings.  Certain things are more difficult to get done with a 3 year old to keep tabs on.  Mama wants to put her feet up at the end of the day.  These things will get done. NBD, right?

I do so enjoy talking about the baby with Jax.  He has plenty of questions.  My absolute favorite: “Mom, what are we going to teach bean?”  These things range from building blocks, playing with trucks, to going to the potty and introducing the dogs to Bean.  Jax will come over and pat my belly and kiss it, “Hi Bean,” he says.  These little gestures put tears in my eyes and make me think about how lucky we are already.  Yes, baby things will come out of hiding, laundry will get done, but it’s ok to stop and enjoy the things and people we have right here.