Hello, again.

Posted on March 21, 2011


Sorry about the hiatus. I am trying to deal with writers block, creative block, not sure what to call it, definitely a BLOCK of some sort.
I thought the start of a new season would be apt to getting back to it. Goodbye dreary, yucky winter, hellllllooooo spring! You couldn’t be more welcome in my eyes!
Let’s see, updates….  I was offered a part-time job with a photo company. This news is most exciting! I have been having tons of trouble finding an art teacher job, photo is definitely my next choice and someone was sending me some positive energy on this one (I have a feeling I know exactly who this is!). Lets see, what else, oh yes, I have a few new ideas for art projects; getting back to my mixed media. I am very excited!  My sister gave me a great book on sewing projects for babies and toddlers, I cannot decide what to make first, but it will definitely be very cute.
And, the most exciting news of all, wait for it………… Jax is going to be a big brother this September!!! We could not be more excited!  We are not finding out the sex,  it will be a surprise.  The best kind in our eyes!
There are lots of good happenings in our household. Things looking up as Spring starts to bloom.